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In IN MEMORIAM on October 31, 2008 at 11:44 am

As I look towards graduation next spring, I start to reflect on how I got here. My great-grandmother “Nannie” along with millions of Blacks to create the largest migration in American history to create better opportunities for their families. My family settled all over the Midwest: from Cleveland, Detroit, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, to Chicago where my great-grandmother Sally helped the WWII effort as a factory worker for airplanes.

I lost my Nannie three weeks into the start of my master’s program. For the first time, my concentration was broken and the last thing I wanted to is sit in studio all day. But somehow through all the stuggles I had been through during grad school made me think of her. And although she only formally had a sixth grade education, she was the smartest woman I knew. Thank you Nannie.